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Getting ready to go back to Texas in 2 weeks for my remaining veterans show openings. I have captured arguably the largest amount of modern WW2 veteran portraits in the world in collaboration with Belmont Village. My project has been going on for 10 years now.
I had some good press in the Austin Statesman newspaper in Texas last week on my veterans photoshoot tour. Now I'm off to Los Angeles and then San Diego for three of my show openings. 
I photographed 85 veterans ranging from World War II to the Vietnam war this week all over Texas. In this photograph a World War II veteran holds a letter he wrote to his mom as a POW under the Nazis.
I had a photo shoot with MMA Fighter JJ Ambrose yesterday. I was telling JJ how hard it is when I travel on photo shoots to eat a healthy meal (for example when I was in Atlanta, GA last year, I could not pass up deep fried chicken pot pie) and he said he faces the same challenges. He told me when he traveled to India for a fight, each day he only ate a whole chicken and a cup of coffee in order to stay healthy. I wish I had that kind of obedience when it comes to food especially now that I am a new dad and need to work on my "Dad Bod." 

This is a portrait I took of UFC Fighter George St. Pierre for Black Belt Magazine. After applying my new WWII veteran style of adding images from the past into the portrait, I realized I love applying multiple layers and textures to my portraits telling a more complex story either in post production or with my lighting. Adding layers to my photographs challenges me in new ways and creates infinite possibilities to tell a more emotional story.
I have an article in RangeFinder Magazine this month on my WW2 Veteran series. My grandfather took a famous portrait of Ernest Hemingway in 1952 and the portrait was on the cover of Rangefinder in the nineties. I love sharing this connection with my grandpa.